Industrial Design./APOLLO

  • 2017 Kickstarter Campaign

  • 452 watches sold in 31 days

iDEA & Associates designed and launched the series of mechanical regulator watches on Kickstarter in September 2017. See the campaign page here.

Inspired by the enigma that is space, fueled by our love of art and a fascination of precision instruments of time, Apollo is inspired by the trajectories of the planets orbiting in space. It’s concept is inspired by four concentric ellipses, one into the other. The four ellipses defines the movement, the glass, the case and the support. Every ‘ellipse’ can be customized and works independently. The watch is easy to assemble and can be modified, offering a unique set of options to any watch lover.

The collection includes Kickstarter Editions, Neptune and Uranus and Limited Edition Full Moon and Eclipse. In addition to the four original pieces, another series of planets have also been unlocked along with some unique hand painted editions designed by Chris Alexander.


Apollo’s design it’s all except conventional. It’s a galaxy of details starting from a seamless pebble-like shape and domed crystals, which rises proudly above the case. The reason why Apollo is so special is due to the fact that we have assembled Hesalite crystal on both front and back.

The dial is also a cosmo of details: small seconds, minutes and small hours. The background is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool. It’s custom design hands, the 12 different stars that indicate the hours and the see through date are only few details that make Apollo unique.

Domed Glass

The double bubble effect is Apollo’s proudest feature. The curved casing is made from hesalite crystal, a robust, shatterproof material that has gone into space on many occasions. We selected this material to ensure that the casing was heavy-duty and that any smudges are hardly visible on Apollo.

You’ll see the dome-shaped crystal extends to the very edge of the watch– making the watch look more like crystal than metal.


The case is also nicely sized at 38 mm wide with a thickness of 12.75 mm and wears very comfortably on the wrist. It combines the seamless pebble-like shape and the high-domed crystal, which rises above the case, adds a bit of distortion around the edges while giving the impression of the case having no sides


After careful consideration of more than 50 movements, we picked the Miyota 8219, an absolute tank of a ticker with an impeccable reputation since its debut in 1977. Beating to a frequency of 21,600 BPH / 3 Hz, Miyota has proven to be more accurate than most mechanical watches at 18,000 BPH / 2.5 Hz. The 8215 is used by many watchmakers such as Bernhardt Watches, Camel, Citizen, Jacques Lemans etc.

The movement has 21 jewel to reduce friction and wear on moving parts, maintain temperature stability, and the ability to operate without lubrication, well above the 17 jewel average. The calibers will run for more than 40 hours and keep accuracy within -20~+40 seconds/day, with a posture difference of under 50 seconds/day.

Movement Support

Just like the stars move on orbits around the center of the galaxy, the movement support is in the center of the watch case, holding up the watch movement and the watch dial. But as you look at it carefully, it is floating in between the top and bottom glasses case not touching the edge.


The dial is a map of the northern sky and the degree sub-dial transforms Apollo into a useful tool. Apollo’s date window is on the 2 o’clock spot, unique in the regulator watch family. The 12 different stars that indicate the hours and the see through date are only few details that make Apollo unique.

A large central minute hand gives you the minutes at a glance, while smaller dials for hours and seconds sit in the background until you actually need to know that information. The customized space theme seconds hand has a consistent color and the two smaller spear-shaped hour and minute hands are finely polished and easily catch light. The strong luminescent material on the watch light up in the dark