• The biggest LED screen in the World

  • 51000 Showled Hybrid led

Working in conjunction with Showled, iDEA&Associates is responsible for the design and customized application of LED in the architectural field. Our role as creative project manager at ShowLED is to develop custom projects from the concept and design trough to installation. He is able to develop and improve custom solutions, such as the Burj Khalifa’s LED screen, and build a cohesive team to realize it as per the initial brief. He has been personally involved in projects such as Burj Khalifa LED lighting installation, the biggest led screen in the World.

Showled is one of the world leading designers and LED manufacturers and they are responsible for the LED screen installed on the iconic building, Burj Khalifa. The record-breaking LED display has an impressive 51.000 ShowLED Hybrid pixels that were all manually placed in position by a rigging team of 30 people. By using 75.000 custom designed brackets, all pixels could be fixed without any form of material causing permanent damage to the building like screws or adhesives. Custom engineered for Burj Khalifa, the setup results in more than 357.000 LEDs, 645 power supplies, 70 km of power/data cable, 2km of fibre optic network cabling, and 95 Hybrid controllers.