Architecture./Diffuse Hotel&SPA

  • Diffuse Hotel concept

  • Modern architecture inspired by vernacular buildings of the area

The building is a compromise between traditional tech-

Imagine you are in a beautiful park. Now let’s go niques and modern solutions. It is thought to be similar

sense by sense. You can hear children running around to the other existing buildings in order to camou age it

screaming with joy, you can hear the song of the birds, into the landscape. It is located near to Lake Como, on

you can feel the grass as you grasp it in your hand, you the hill side, near a small river.

can feel the breeze against your face, you can smell

The south facade is as tall as the other houses while the north facade is taller than the others. The main structu- re is made by thick walls and they are made by the same local stone of the other traditional buildings.

Whilst the central part is a light structure which creates a large contrast between the internal light of the barns and the high luminosity of this solution. To protect the large windows, vertical wooden laths have been xed to building, embracing the environmental properties of the woods in front of it. It is also a tribute to Alvar Aalto’s villa Mairea.