Yacht Design./Isurus

  • Inspired by Mako Shark

  • High performance modern yacht

Inspired by Mother Nature herself, we have created Isurus, a high performance 24m yacht which is designed to follow the same characteristics of the Mako Shark.

The Mako Shark is known for its speed and power and our design follows its hull lines and upper structures to enable the yacht to be fast and agile during navigation. The deckhouse, roll bars and air inlets are coherent with this concept.

The mechanical specification of the boat include two MTU V10 engines combined with Arneson surface propellers which are the right fit to meet the desired speed of 55 Knots.

The stern has a platform in the rear that offers guests easy access on and off board and the platform also boasts space for four sunbeds which can also be lowered into the water.

The result is a modern fast yacht useful to spend weekends at the sea or to have an aperitivo in Cannes and the dinner in Monaco.