• Lightweight engineering structure

  • 84 meter long Aluminium facade

The Motiongate Cloud facade is the main landmark of the DreamWork pavillion at Dubai Parks and Resorts. It is a 84 m aluminium cloud shaped structure with more than 3000 sqm of aluminium printed panel. The facade is designed to reduce the visual mass of the 45,000 square metre indoor “box” , a space which is big enough to fit five Airbus A380s in.

About the Park:
In the Madagascar-themed area, brightly-painted carousels are in place, the final checks are being made to its two rollercoasters, the theatre backdrops are being rolled out in the 2017.

Kung Fu Panda land and the longest ride of the park, Shrek’s Merry Fairy Tale Journey, is ready and waiting. The ride lasts more than seven minutes and tells the tale of Shrek and Fiona’s love story, with a twist.

Dragon Gliders, in How To Train Your Dragon land, is one of the most anticipated rollercoasters, a suspended ride set to offer some of DreamWorks visitors the most thrills.

Shrek’s Candy Apple Restaurant stands out at the centre of its swamp-style zone, replicating the comical character’s home.

In DreamWorks alone, there are 12 rides, among the 27 total in Motiongate Dubai’s park, which will also feature multiple daily shows based on the movie Step Up, with a cast of dancers recruited from around the globe.