• Plug&Play system

  • Large scale Media Facade

A residential tower developed with luxury duplex apartments. The disposition of the units inside the tower is a continuing spiral. The units are designed as L-shapes so that property has two distinctive viewing angles.

It is also designed to have a unique integrated external media facade that can display various levels of content whilst it also has high performance environmental characteristics. It’s external skin is made of a fiberglass silicon membrane able to resist the middle east sun for more than 10 years without any change to its properties. The low thermal memory of the fabric reduces the internal heat gains during the summer therefore reducing the owners overall energy bill.

Using similar technologies to the facade of Burj Khalifa, this system is integrated during the construction phase of the tower, it is not an addition. This is advantageous as it not only provides aesthetic appeal but it also reduces the consumers cooling bill with the use of smart building technology.

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