Industrial Design./Bubble maker

  • Fluid dynamic research

  • Design inspired by Rockets

The Bubble maker is a custom project for a new theme park in Dubai, UAE.
IMG Worlds of Adventure is the world’s largest indoor theme park. It is part of the Dubailand entertainment complex.

The Bubble maker welcomes visitors at the entrance of the Avengers Zone. The exterior is designed based on the concept of space, time and travel and follows the shape of a rocket and the internal function is to create the feeling like you are in a laboratory. The development involved many hours of research about fluid dynamics in order to find the right viscosity to make the bubbles 100% round. The lamps are completely made of steel and they are carved by hand.
The Bubble maker is also a concentrate of technology: High brightness LEDs, DMX, controllers, valve regulators and timers permit to have a full automated system that produce constantly bubbles with circumferences between 20 to 30 cm every 5 seconds.