• Brand values integrated in the design

  • Concept inspired by Liberty Milanese interiors

The collaboration between iDEA & Associates and Trussardi Group began 9 years ago in Milano, when the company approached our studio to analyze and optimize the environmental proprieties of the Trussardi family home.

Since then we have worked on various projects for the group including prototyping, research and development of carbon fibre products and unique OLED solutions with leading brand Konica Minolta.

Our most recent collaboration with the Trussardi group was to improve the existing Trussardi Concept for the Chinese market. The idea was to bring to life and fuse the company’s values of Italian handcraft with the typical Milanese marble floor.
We also included some of Trussardi’s unique icons in our design, including the Greyhound sculptures, leather elements and the white walls, all tributes to the brands history and heritage.

Trussardi is an Italian fashion house, founded in 1911. It began as a leather glove manufacturer, and expanded its line to additional leather goods in the 1970s after Nicola Trussardi took over from his uncle.