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Filippo Cima and iDEA&Associates are proud to announce NandLogic’s Smart Helmets

Filippo Cima and iDEA&Associates are happy to announce Nandlogic’s smart helmets. We were appointeed by Nandlogic to follow them during the design phase and to develop all the engineering of the helmet. We had to take care about all the sensors and all the technology installed on it. The challenge was to integrate technological standard parts […]

Moby Dick is still alive!

Moby Dick is a pure surfaces object and it means that the user cannot touch anything else inside, except the naked building material. The double deck permits to have the water outlet and the too full pressure valve hidden from a “second layer”. It permits also to hide all the technology components. A big study […]

To all my Brasilian friends

Hi Brasilian guys, I’m very pleased to see a big interest around my projects from all the Brasil. Thank you very much! Please fill my contact form to get in contact with me or write directly to my email filippo@filippocima.com I hope to receive news from all of you soon. Bye 😉

918CFWooden Racer, a special made of wood!

918CFWooden Racer is a motorbike with unique elements that let it to be recognised immediately. It’s design is clean: a big lamp, a big and masculine tank and a small and short tail. Materials are used to surprise riders: Carbon fiber for the lightweight tail while wood for the tank. It’s unconvenctional to find wood on […]

Free6K Skis are under design

A new ski project is under design. They will be very innovative. I will test a lot of different solutions, most of them are an evolution of the CF12K Skis’s study. Minimal structure, big foot print, one side edge, asymmetrical profile, lightweight structure, V shape on powder, carbon fiber (of course)… etc..

Playing card chair is done!

Finally, after months, the first playing card chair prototypes are done. Conversely to the steel versione, that weights 25 kilograms, the carbon fiber version weights three kilograms. It is made of 12k carbon fiber , epoxy and pet core. It is available in different colors.